“...focus on the things that don’t change in your buisiness.”

—Jeff Bezos 

Creating evergreen content will save you time and increase audience engagement.


Evergreen content is the opposite of trending content. From beginners to advanced users of your product or service, creating content that answers key, timeless questions provides a foundation for your marketing and positions your business as a resource and a trusted advisor. 


Another benefit of using evergreen content as the foundation of your content strategy is that you can repurpose it across multiple channels (social media posts, video, podcast episodes, etc.) It also boosts search engine rankings and can help create steady traffic (even leads!) to your website.

“For content to be called evergreen, all the elements in the content should be timeless.” Akshay Hallur

Evergreen content gets 283% more traffic than trending, news-based topics.

The best way to get started is to make a list of common questions your customers or prospects have, processes they want steps for or product reviews of common equipment used in your area of expertise.

You'll still need other kinds of content.

Creating and promoting your core, evergreen content should be your first priority. But including timely, topical pieces of content shows your customers that you care about delivering value by remaining abreast of what’s happening in and around your industry (and theirs!) These pieces are perfect for short-term marketing campaigns when you want to drive a lot of traffic and leads in a small amount of time.

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