Our philosophy: Customers buy solutions and stories.

I founded MPower Content to help small businesses and solopreneurs unlock the power of their brand’s story, and use it to create authentic customer connections that lead to action. I work with organizations to meet their business goals by replacing “sales speak” with story-based content that communicates how their products and services will improve customers’ lives (in ways big and small!)

 Strategy without story falls flat.

My career started as a marketing manager and copywriter at enterprise technology companies and online startups during the dot-com frenzy of the early 2000s. It was a time when the flashy newness of online marketing distracted even the most sophisticated brands from actually delivering their core brand messaging in a way that connected with audiences.


What I realized was this: short-sighted marketing strategies kept companies from reaping the benefits of new technologies. Why? Because owners and CEOs invested too many resources in the new communications channels and technology and not enough in crafting content that creates and sustains relationships. Sadly, this trend continues as business leaders scramble to keep up with the next big social media platforms that promise to deliver eager customers.


But that doesn’t have to be part of your story…


Let us help you craft story-based content that connects with audiences and amplifies your brand voice!


Myeisha Thompson, Principal Copywriter & Content Strategist