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Empowering service-based businesses to save time, grow their audiences, and increase sales using the power of clear, engaging copy and content.

Unclear copy and useless content are costing you

time and money.

Does your copy (emails, sales pages, sales scripts) immediately answer key questions like:

  • what customers you serve,

  • how you solve customers’ problems, and

  • how easy it is to buy?

Does your content (blog posts, videos, social media posts, e-guides) build relationships with your audience by:

  • delivering valuable content that informs, educates, or entertains,

  • giving them the opportunity to get to know your brand, and

  • Positioning your business as the go-to when they’re ready to buy a product or service that you offer?


If not, you're wasting precious time and marketing dollars.

Making audiences wade through industry jargon and clever catch-phrases is the reason why your copy falls flat.


Creating content that doesn’t inform, educate, or entertain means you’re not building relationships by connecting or engaging prospects and customers.

Take the anxiety and guesswork out of writing for your business!


We'll help you get clear on your messaging, create a plan, and deliver copy and content that engages audiences and gets them to take action.​


writing that uses various persuasion techniques with the specific goal of driving the audience to take a specific action


writing that focuses on informing, educating, or entertaining audiences in order to build relationship

Get back to doing what you love.

Great content and copy are key parts of your business: but writing isn't why you went into business!

Getting clear on your core copy messages and creating simple, repeatable systems for creating content will get you off of the treadmill and back to serving your customers and engaging prospects to grow your business.

Let's get started!

Take the anxiety and guesswork out of writing copy and creating content for your business.

Copy and content are not created equally… and you need both.


You may use these two terms interchangeably (as even professional marketers and other business owners do,) but confusing the two and not knowing which you need during the marketing and sales process can cost you time and missed opportunities.

Understanding the difference and using them in the right places based on your business goals will make writing for your business or working with a writer more productive and profitable.



We'll help you get clear on what kind of writing you need and draw clear lines from your writing projects to your overall lead generation, prospect nurture, and revenue targets.



Based on your business requirements, we’ll produce email sequences, sales pages, articles, blog posts, white papers, e-books, social media posts, video scripts, and other writing deliverables.

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Not sure what messaging resonates best with your customers and prospects? We’ll help you test, measure, learn from, and improve your copy and content to get maximum return on investment.

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If you’re not ready to hire a full-service writing service, our “done with you” copy coaching will guide you through concept to completion for any of your writing projects.


High-performing lead nurture copy and content to help overwhelmed marketing and creative teams get it all done!

Nurture content and copy is where the magic happens...

But you already know that.


What you don’t know is how you and your team are going to take on yet another project or campaign when you’re already at capacity. That’s where we come in.

Effective funnels require thoughtful, well-timed content that eases you into a conversation with your prospective clients while helping you build that ever-important know, like, and trust factor.

Myeisha [of MPower Content] brings deep insights on what it takes to build and grow lead-generating email programs. With her extensive marketing background, she excels at enabling customer success.

N. Mills, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, Silicon Valley Bank

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We’re a full-service copywriting, content writing, and content strategy company committed to helping small businesses and solopreneurs grow their businesses using clear copy that inspires action, and valuable content that engages audiences and builds relationships.

Myeisha Thompson

Principal Copywriter & Content Strategist



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Before, I struggled with getting clear about my mission, vision, and how I wanted to market my business. I had no knowledge or experience with marketing, but Myeisha [of MPower Content] completely helped me gain loads of clarity and organization around my thoughts about the direction I wanted to take with my online content AND my business.

D. Amaadi Coleman, Owner, Fit Tribe Wellness, LLC


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Get started on creating content that engages audiences and copy that gets them to act!

During our 30-minute virtual consultation, I'll help you:

  • document the "who, what, and why" behind your current copy and content needs, and

  • determine if we'd be the best partner to help you strategize and execute.

If it's a good fit. I'll also gather the details needed to provide a custom proposal and outline of the next steps.