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(customers buy connections and solutions)

Wondering why stories are so important for successful copywriting and marketing?


The short answer is that (when done well) story-based content is the shortest, most effective way to build an emotional connection with your audiences.


And since emotions fuel the vast majority of people’s decisions (even though they don’t like to admit it,) your best bet for getting customers and prospects to engage is to create narratives that show how your brand can help them be the heros of their stories.



Clarity is key. We'll show you how to draw clear lines from your copywriting projects to business strategy and set measurable goals that map directly to your lead generation, prospect nurture, and revenue targets.



We’ll work with you to create compelling email and webpage copy, articles, blog posts, white papers, e-books, social media posts, video scripts, and other digital content that move customers and prospects to take action.


Not sure what content resonates best with your customers and prospects? We’ll help you test, measure, learn from, and improve your content to get maximum return on investment.


Whether you already use a commercial email marketing platform or need to find one, we’ll create your email content AND manage the email campaign execution and automation.


We're a full-service copywriting company committed to helping small businesses and solopreneurs grow their businesses using content that engages audiences, builds relationships, and inspires action.

Myeisha Thompson

Principal Copywriter & Content Strategist



Myeisha [of MPower Content] brings deep insights on what it takes to build and grow lead-generating email programs. With her extensive marketing background, she excels at enabling customer success.

N. Mills, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, Silicon Valley Bank


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Before, I struggled with getting clear about my mission, vision, and how I wanted to market my business. I had no knowledge or experience with marketing, but Myeisha [of MPower Content] completely helped me gain loads of clarity and organization around my thoughts about the direction I wanted to take with my online content AND my business.

D. Amaadi Coleman, Owner, Fit Tribe Wellness, LLC

Grow Your Business

with the Power of Story

Every person, every company, every brand has a story. But what successful brands know is how to find the intersection between their brand's narrative and that of their customers and prospects.


Stories help us identify that intersection, build trust, and sustain relationships through shared thoughts, shared emotions, and shared experiences.

You want to connect with customers and prospects, but do they know your story? More importantly, do they know why they should care?

We’ll help you earn and retain customers by creating content that illustrates how your brand’s story and value and how that value translates into connection and solutions for your customers.

Learn more about the power of story-based content.


Learn How to Write Content that Gets Results

If you're not ready to hire a copywriter, or prefer the do-it-yourself approach but don't quite know how to get started, we can help! 

Our Weekend Brand Story & Copywriting Crash Course will teach you how to craft your brand story and translate it into compelling content for use across various digital marketing channels.


From vision and mission statements to website landing pages, video scripts, email content, and social media captions, you'll learn how to save time and increase engagement by creating clear, consistent content across all of your marketing efforts.


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